Q. Do I have to hire the insurance company’s recommended builder?

A. No.  Just like with an automobile accident, you are entitled to use any qualified restorer.

Q. Can I use any general contractor to complete this work?

A. Not recommended.  Insurance restoration is a specific field.  Financial strength and specific management techniques are necessary to complete you project in a timely manner without out-of-pocket expense.

Q. Can I general contract the job myself?

A. Yes, but you will not be eligible to receive the contractor’s overhead & profit.  In addition, you will more than likely need to finance part of the work.

Q. Should I sign my own permit package?

A. Unless you are performing the work yourself, absolutely not.  We have encountered several customers who have been approached by non-licensed contractors asking them to sign their own permits.  The results have been disastrous.  The homeowners have had no recourse and have been left in the position of needing help from others to complete their project.

Q. Do I need to test for lead paint?

A. If your home was built before 1978 you must test for the presence of lead paint and follow EPA established guidelines.

Q. Will I be able to select the fit and finish in my home?

A. We will provide you with a detailed selections list allowing you the opportunity to make selections such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, etc.

Q. Will I be able to make changes to my home?

A. We will work with you to accommodate any changes that you would like.

Q. What are code upgrades?

A. The State of New Jersey requires all building projects to adhere to a set of rules and standards known as the building code. Over time, these codes have evolved to our present day standards.  If your home is over 2 years old, there may be some code issues that need to be addressed.

Q. Does my homeowners insurance cover code upgrades?

A. Only if you have elected the code upgrade endorsement on your policy.  We will submit the proper paperwork to you insurance carrier for their review.