The insurance restoration business is different than any other type of construction. The emotional needs of our clients are far greater due to the nature of suffering an insurance loss and suddenly being thrust into a restoration project.

After 33 years of general construction experience and 23 years specializing in insurance damage restoration, Glenn & Pat MacAllister established Reliance Contracting & Renovating, Inc. in 2005 with the goal of bringing personal attention and sensitivity to every restoration project.

We will provide you with a turn-key experience from the time we meet through completion of your project and certificate of occupancy acquisition.

We are known in the industry for our ability to help you, the homeowner, recover from your loss, We have good working relationships with insurance company adjusters, independent insurance adjusters and several public adjusting firms. These relationships allow us to be in tune with industry standards and what it will take to complete your restoration.

A small fire in any commercial and residential property can easily cause huge destruction. The primary cause behind these damages is the smoke that erupts due to the fire. However, the damages caused by them would not look serious to many, but a little careful approach and by properly analyzing the aftermath, one can easily unearth all the fact and can make one remind about the destruction that took place.

To gauge the extent of the damage, it is necessary that the services of any trained Fire Damage Restoration professional should be put to use. The particular professional should have the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge and skills using which they can carry out the survey of the place and examine the extent to which the fire, smoke, moisture and other aspects did damage to the building.

Availing yourself of the services of a Fire Damage Restoration professional has many benefits. The primary benefit is that these professionals have extensive experience, knowledge and skills and can easily check the extent of the damage and even discover the damage that our naked eyes cannot find. Their minute observation helps a lot in properly carrying out the restoration job, which intensifies the life of the building.

There is no doubt that smoke has the characteristics of penetrating the cavities and internal structure of any building. It is very hard to obstruct them and they cause heavy damage to the cavities of the structure by entering them. This is the reason it is necessary to avail onself of the services of professionals who have an appropriate amount of Fire and Water Damage Restoration experience.